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Gbereogoni Oil and Gas Limited

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Community Affairs Policy

As a leading company in oilfield construction activities, spanning across various communities, we are committed to the yearnings and development of our host communities. This we have demonstrated by integrating our community affairs into our HSE operations.

It is our policy that: our host communities shall have the knowledge of our mission before the commencement of work and a mutually beneficial relationship shall be maintained during and after our operations.


  • To minimize to the barest minimum, the impact of our operation on our working environment.
  • To reduce to the barest minimum project-related CA conflicts/disturbances.
  • To enlighten our host communities on the benefits derivable from the community-related projects.


  • Liaising with genuine representatives of our host communities before the commencement of work.
  • Establishing Community Affairs Committees for projects with host communities.
  • Having a bi-monthly Community/Affairs meeting where all CA issues are discussed and resolved in favour of both parties.
  • Having a resident P.R.O on our work location as a liaison officer between the company and our host communities.
  • Establishing the “CA Award for Peaceful Co-existence” for host communities without disturbances during our operations.