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Security Plan/Policy

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Security Plan/Policy

It is GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED’S policy to identify, evaluate and manage risks to personnel, property and information arising from crime, civil disorder, terrorism and acts of war in order to minimize the impacts on our operations.

Implications of implementing this policy are:

Security risk shall be identified and documented for all key operations.
GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED shall be responsible for managing her security in consonance with the client’s guidelines.

The implication of this policy with respect to risks of personnel and property are:

  1. GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED will handle security risks on-site through effective communication and dialogue.
  2. Whenever there are sufficient physical threats to lives and property, GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED would expect the forces of law and order to the State to provide appropriate protection.
  3. GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED will not at any time use forces in solving any security issues unless the CLIENT AND State consider it absolutely necessary.
  4. GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED will not operate in an environment where the continuous deployment of the Nigerian Armed Forces is required.
  5. This policy will be pursued in compliance with the CLIENT’S Guideline on Use of External Security.
  6. In pursuing this policy, GBEREOGONI OIL & GAS LIMITED will do all we can to ensure that human rights are respected.

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